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QSS 3704G


Noritsu QSS-3704 G


The highest performance

The Noritsu QSS-3704 G is without doubt superlative among the photochemical minilabs. It is not just fast, as proven by its processing output of up to 2,120 images per hour in 10 x 15 cm format. It is also the only wet lab that processes images at 640 dpi instead of the “usual” 300 dpi resolution. This makes the finest nuances of the image visible, and achieves exceptional image quality on photochemical material with the aid of the AccuSmart image enhancement software. With the most powerful of the Noritsu wet devices, image data as well as analogue material can be “automatically” processed in equal measure - even in RAW format. Fitted with all the added features typical of Noritsu, and by means of scores of options, such as expandability by fitting with three or four paper magazines, the device considerably facilitates the work of the processor during image production.

The EZ Controller, for instance, manages everything from job management right up to the colour correction of single images. Thanks to EZLAB, the QSS-37G Series supports a large number of networks. For example, if the operator is using several printers and/or several computers in the network, because all the job data can be managed within one network. The versatile network system covers the most varied range of requirements of different users and laboratories. The device is therefore mostly observed in large laboratories, online labs and labs for school and kindergarten photography.


Type Photochemical RA-4 minilab device for volume printing of images from paper rolls
Input* Digital image data in file formats JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW as DNG and S/W, CN and CU material and reflective materials after digitizing using optional scanners
Paper widths
Paper step lengths
From 82.5 to 305 mm
From 89 mm to 900 mm in millimetre steps
Processing formats (nominal sizes)** Single-sided from 9 x 13 cm to 30 x 91 cm
Maximum output format (nominal size)** Panorama print 30 x 91 cm
Processing capacity (nominal output)** 2120 pictures/h 10 x 15 cm
290 pictures/h 30 x 45 cm
Exposure system Laser image setter
Resolution (selectable) 300 dpi / 640 dpi
Special features Paper widths up to 305 mm (12 inches), standard delivery with two trays for paper rolls; standard delivery with 14x sorter with visual display of job interruption
Space requirements and empty weight of device Net floor space approx. 2.15 m²; working area with movement zone at least 3.95 m²
Weight without paper and chemicals approx. 605 kg
Power connection and output 3-phase current / 31 A
System-compatible accessories (optional) Noritsu Film Scanner models LS-600, LS-1100, HS-1800; “HPT” customer terminal and retailer/customer order processing software, quad magazine
Additionally Easy to operate and network-enabled using EZ Controller and an up-to-date control computer (workstation)

Comments on *

Input at EZ Controller or system-compatible HPT terminal using currently available digital storage media (detailed, binding compatibility and capacity specifications of storage media as per device specifications and current, device-specific device manual)

Comments on **

Detailed, binding processing format and performance specifications as per device specifications and current, device-specific device manual. 
Devices may vary depending on country and equipment, and may deviate in individual points from the data specified here.


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